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In this private group you can ask questions and discuss any acquisition issues you’re having with our team as well as other members who are likely dealing with similar situations.

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This guidebook is absolutely 100% essential to your success in this venture.

Personally written by our founder, Tom Ellis.

This book covers every intricate detail of our system from the very beginning basics all the way to the final closing of your deal.


Getting yourself prepared so you don’t waste any time or anyone else time is imperitive if you want to become a business owner as soon as possible. This section helps you become fully prepped and ready to dive into the process and come out on top.

Finding good acquisition opportunities

There are bad opportunities and good opportunities out there. Our guide helps you know what to look for to avoid the frustration of bad deals or potential scams and get you to the good types of deals that we find in our own practice

Relationship building with seller

A big part of the magic of our system starts at this stage. Our guide covers the extremely critical details of this step to help ensure that you are avoiding key mistakes and doing the right things to build the relationship necessary to get the most favorable deal possible. Our founder has made this an art form, and he’s put it all out there in the guide.

Fair Price Valuation

Once you find an opportunity, how do you know if it’s a good deal or not? This section of our guide lays out the various ways in which businesses are valued (and often “over-valued”) and shows you EXACTLY how we value businesses in our own acqusitions to avoid over paying and maximize profits.

Making an offer to purchase

There are some nuts and bolts here that can cost you a lot of money in
attorney fees if you’re starting from scratch. Our guide arms you with the information you need, as well as sample documents and templates, to avoid many of those hefty legal fees and make professional and effective acqusition offers

Conducting proper due diligence

The importance of proper due diligence cannot be stressed enough. This is when you verify all of the information you’ve been given by the seller and make a final determination as to the value of the business and whether or not it’s the right deal for you. We’ve been through very good and very bad due diligence scenarios over the last 30 years, and we have used those experiences to detail the steps you should take verify and validate your new business deal.

Financing you acquisition

This step usually scares people away before they even get to it… in the world can you afford to buy a good business? In this section we lay out the various options that you will have to fund your acquisition, how each of them works, and what you need to do to make them happen. This is probably our favorite step because it really makes your deal start to become a reality. It shows you what most people do not know….that you absolutely CAN do this!

Closing on your acquisition

None of the previous steps matter if you don’t know how to finally close your acquisition. While you will obviously have an attorney involved in this process, our guide will prepare you for what you will need so you’re not caught off guard and you’re ready to start making money on day 1 of your new business.

In addition to the 8 steps, we also cover important topics like

  • Determining what type of business you should buy
  • Why good businesses come up for sale.
  • And more…

Includes actual scenarios that we have encountered on a variety of deals over 30 years of being in this business.

Personal commentary and suggestions from Tom Ellis

Includes Hard copies of every document and worksheet that we use in our

This is not your run-of-the-mill text book with nothing but someone else’s theories …
These are our exclusive strategies that you WILL NOT find anywhere else.



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