At The Institute for Business Acquisitions, we encourage and teach entrepreneurs from beginner through advanced to buy existing businesses that are:

  • Well established
  • Well managed
  • Profitable
  • Require little to no cash out of your pocket
  • Begin generating cash for you on DAY ONE!


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Small Business Confidence = Time To Buy

Small Businesses are hot….real hot and on the rise in 2018. At the Institute for Business Acquisitions, we feel that there has almost never been a better time to buy a business than right now, and here’s why: CNBC takes a Small Business Confidence poll each quarter,...

3 Tips to Maximizing Seller Financing

In our opinion, at the Institute for Business Acquisitions, seller financing should be an essential part of almost every company acquisition. What is seller financing? Quite simply, it is getting the current business owner (seller) to finance all or a portion of the...

Buying a Business – Where to Start?

If you’ve decided that buying a business is the path that you should take to become a profitable entrepreneur but don’t know quite where to start, this article is for you. Note:  If you need more information about why you should buy a business instead of starting a...

Manufacturing Businesses are HOT Buys

For the last 4 years now, manufacturing businesses have been hot buys, especially in the $1 Million to $5 Million range.  That trend continued once again in the latest Market Pulse Report by the Pepperdine Private Capital Market project. Craig Everett, PhD, director...

Using a 401K as a Down Payment on a Business

We frequently run across Entrepreneurs who are ready to buy their first business, but they can’t come up with enough cash for the down payment.Now, generally speaking, if your personal wealth is severely limited, we recommend that you save up at least a little bit for...

Do Good Businesses Ever Come Up For Sale?

This is a question that we get frequently at the Institute for Business Acquisitions (I4BA). Well actually, it’s often “Why” would a good business come up for sale? To answer the first question, YES, ABSOLUTELY. Good businesses come up for sale every day all over the...


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